Claim DoubleU Casino Free Chips and freebies for 2020

As a double casino player free chips and freebies are important for you. In playing online social casinos, the chips are the main goal of the player. There are several ways to get free casino slot chips, just follow these steps below. 

Below are the recent freebie links you can claim


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This game provides daily spin for the players to claim some free chips. 

  • You can ask your friends for more chips. Post to them the DoubleU Casino and wait for their free chips for you. The more friends who play, the more your daily chip rewards. 
  • Like and Share DoubleU Casino to gain more free chips. 
  • Connect your Facebook account to DoubleU Casino to get your free chips. 
  • When playing DoubleU Casino, there are lots of bonuses and rewards that you can claim for free such as mystery box, double spinning, and scratches. 

What is DoubleU Casino Slot Chips and How to use it? 

DoubleU Casino Freebies and chips

DoubleU Casino Slot Chips are easy to play, you need to focus on the stories as well as the big jackpots on how to win them. Most of the slots machines work in the same way. Symbols are usually arranged by vertical spinner known as “reels”. The reels spin shows a different series of symbols that are organized on the pay line. You will win by hitting different combinations and patterns of symbols. Casino slots chips are mostly used in the games as a type of currency called “tokens”. The chips have different colors at the same time different values. This is a substitute for the money in the game.

Note: Game Strive is only a fan base site and is not advocated by or connected by the official Caesars Social Casino Games we just spread the word about Caesars Social Casino Games freebies. We will never be asking for payments of whatsoever or offering real casino type games. We help notify users with new updates regarding new freebies given by the game company. Still, we strongly recommend that players should be above 21 years of age.